Bar Ilan Researcher Awarded HPC Access on PRACE Supercomputers

October 25th, 2012

Bar-Ilan researchers awarded 50,000 core hours on Hermit supercomputer in Germany

  • Project name: Interacting electrons in small constrictions and chains
  • Project leader: Avi Cohen, Bar-Ilan University (IL)
  • Collaborators: Richard Berkovits, Bar-Ilan University (IL)
  • Research field: Fundamental Physics
  • Resource awarded: 50.000 core-hours on Hermit, GAUSS@HLRS, Germany

Project Abstract “We investigate interaction effects of many electrons in quantum dots. Particularly the nature of interaction induced transition from liquid to Wigner crystal state in the intermediate range of interaction strength which is a tougher challenge to investigate. We have developed a Hartree-Fock as well as Configuration-Interaction FORTRAN code that can run on Cray machines. A DFT code is about to be completed. A code for the classical limit of crystalline configurations applies Monte_Carlo classical calculations that run on a PC. In the future we also wish to run Density Matrix Renormalisation Group (DMRG) calculations for electrons in one and two dimensional systems. The results should be compared with other calculational methods.”


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