Computing & Networking Infrastructure Division

The IUCC Computer & Networking Infrastructure Division coordinates the computing infrastructure necessary for Israeli academia to remain at the forefront of collaborative research in all disciplines. IUCC carries out joint procurement of a wide range of software and services in order to deliver significant cost savings, improved terms and enhanced benefits for the academic community.

The Division encompasses four departments and teams:

  • ILAN – Israel’s National Research & Education Network
    Provides high-speed access for Israel’s academic and research institutes along with access to international research networks, such as the GÉANT network in Europe and through them, the American research network – Internet-2 and the global academic roaming network, eduroam. The NTP (Network Time Protocol) server, fed from an atomic clock, is operated by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and accessible to all universities via IUCC. IUCC manages a centralized LISTSERV system serving the universities’ academic, administrative and technical staff.

  • The Cloud Service Unit (CSU)
    An inter-university portal for acquiring prepaid, cost-effective, top-quality cloud services for academic researchers with dedicated user support.
  • Cyber Department
    Responsible for safeguarding Israel’s National Research & Education Network (NREN), the Cyber Department coordinates joint procurement of network security programs for the academic community.

    The IUCC UNIX IT team maintains overall responsibility for all UNIX servers and services, international federated services with eduGAIN, as well as research with international consortium partners.

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