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IUCC works closely with the Israeli National Cyber Bureau in their partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber DEfense Technology Experimental Research (DETER) project on the CREATE (Cyber Research, Experimentation And Test Environment) lab. The CREATE lab is operated on Israel’s National Research & Education Network.  CREATE enables the academic research community to conduct advanced research in cyber security through use of DeterLab’s innovative methods and advanced tools. By providing an isolated network in a full production environment, researchers can accelerate development of effective, innovative cyber defense technologies through state-of-the-art cyber security experimentation and science. CREATE is free to use and accessible through an online application process.

The goal of the CREATE and DETER project is to accelerate the development of effective, innovative cyber defense technology by advancing the state of cyber security experimentation and science by enabling the research community to conduct advanced research in cyber security using the DeterLab’s innovative methods and advanced tools that allow for repeatable, scalable and scientifically verifiable experimentation. The DeterLab is a large testbed facility used by thousands of users from around the world to perform experiments and tests on emerging new technologies. DeterLab also provides experimental methods and tools in online courses built for educational use to encourage the development of our next generation of cyber researchers. The INCB is a DETER project partner, and is applying the testbed and infrastructure as a cornerstone capability for the future development of the INCB cyber ecosystem.


Based on IUCC’s experience in academic research and high-speed network connectivity, IUCC is leading this initiative from the initial setup phase to maintaining the DETER infrastructure and inter university connectivity.

The IUCC Cyber Unit has compiled a central repository of Internet data sets accessible to Israeli researchers.

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