Grid Computing Case Studies

Grid services are widely used by Israeli Academic and Industry R&D, in various fields such as Physics, Life Sciences, Statistics and more.
Our users benefit from fast and reliable e-infrastructure which enables significant improvement in research process with high computational demands, by offering access to vast amounts of compute/storage resources. In this section you will find case studies / white papers from Isragrid users which describe how the Grid helped them in their research process.


Lilach Friedman , Pronto Diagnostics

“Next/New generation sequencing (NGS) is a relatively new technology that sequences many genes in parallel at a lower cost compared to the Sanger sequencing that is widely used today for clinical gene sequencing… We use the IsraGrid to analyze these files, by using algorithms that divide the running to many parallel threads, and by running the analysis on several files in parallel, on different machines. Even with an 8-core server computer to perform the analysis within Pronto, it would have taken us at least 6X more time. Since we are not experienced with the management of a Linux server, the service of IsraGrid helpes us also with training and support… Thus, this service has saved us a lot of time and helps us proceed faster with the development of our NGS-based products.”

This work was featured in a March  2013 issue of isgtw-International Science Grid This Week.

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Dr. Tali E. Haran and Itai Beno, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

“In our study the total number of different input parameters for  the different  test sequences was about 50000, outcome of 50k different simulations expect  to  take 50000/24hours/365days=5.7 years using single core CPU time. By using the Grid, my student Itai Beno ran 29432 jobs, using the BIOMED resources, in 10 days”

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Assaf Malik, Haifa University

“For 10,000 genes on standard 8 processors server, the run-time for specific Hyphy/Paml modules can take several months. On the other hand, by utilizing multiple processors on the Gird, such analyses across 10,000 genes took 3 days.”

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Elad Shulman, Bar-Ilan University

“Isragrid helped me with my research by giving me the option to use thousands of computation hours over the European Grid Infrastructure. The gird resources can help to run either long simulations or many instances of the simulations with different parameters and with the grid’s Storage Elements (SE) one can store or share large files.”

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Biological Chemistry

Shira Warszawski, Weizmann Institute of Science

“…to properly map out the space of alternative conformations for these different sequences, massively parallel computing is required, involving hundreds of thousands of CPU hours, making the IsraGrid framework absolutely vital to the success of this project; initial results using IsraGrid have already suggested new insights into this problem.”

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