The Inter-University Center for E-Learning (IUCEL-MEITAL)

The Inter-University Center for E-Learning (IUCEL), or MEITAL in Hebrew, is one of IUCC’s independent operating units. It assists Israel’s universities and academic colleges to promote and assimilate innovative learning technologies and is the central body in Israel for all matters related to e-learning and learning technologies. Active in a variety of technological and pedagogical issues, as well as with content, legal aspects, support, guidance, research and more, the Center is behind the significant expansion in the use of e-learning in higher education.

iMOOCs: National Inter-University Online Courses Platform

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have become very popular for independent study around the world. Platforms such as Coursera and edX host courses from leading universities, which are available for online study from anywhere and at any time.

MEITAL is spearheading the iMOOCs (Israeli MOOCs) project, an ambitious national inter-university program to develop online courses for matriculated students in higher education and the general public. With the launch of this project, Israel will be among other countries with national programs, such as Japan and France.

The iMOOC Platform will serve as the technological infrastructure to:

  • Develop online courses that integrate e-learning technologies of a single institution or multiple academic institutions (inter-university) cooperating on generating content. The developing institutions will offer the course content to other institutions as part of their curricula.
  • Develop inter-university versions of high quality, specialized courses that already in use at an institution. Offering these courses to other institutions will significantly expand use of the materials and will act as an incentive for institutions to share content. This will substantially improve the cost-effectiveness of developing new course and content
  • Support the development of MOOCs for future use by the general public

The Inter-University Center for E-Learning’s Activities 

  • Operation of a central website on e-learning in higher education
  • Management of online discussion groups
  • Organization of an annual learning technologies conference
  • Training courses for support centers and for academic staff
  • Raise awareness and promote e-learning and learning technologies among all educational intuitions and Ministry of Education facilities
  • Host services for small academic institutions and newly established institutions
  • Evaluate new or alternative learning technologies and reporting to institutions of higher education.
  • Centralized ordering
  • Coordinate and integrate activities with industry, the school system, healthcare community and other external bodies
  • meitalCoordinate infrastructure investments
  • VideoNet


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