International Collaborations

IUCC is a partner in numerous international collaboration projects. These efforts make the best and most advanced computing resources available to Israel’s academic and industrial research communities, and ensure that the national networks remain at the cutting edge of today’s technologies.

  • PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe)Access to PRACE supercomputing resources is first accomplished via a submission for core hours in the quarterly Preparatory Access cut off dates. The deadline for submitting Preparatory Access is on the first day of each quarter (March, June, September and December). Administrative Validation is granted within two working days after the cut-off date and allocation decisions are approximately. 30 calendar days after the cut-off date. For more information, please see After this stage, when it has been proven that the code is optimized and able to run in the HPC environment, application can be made for more core hours in the Regular Access framework. PRACE publishes twice-yearly Calls for Proposals in February and September.For information please see For assistance in submitting a proposal, please contact Zivan Yoash.For an overview of Israeli researchers who were awarded PRACE core hours, or who are collaborators in projects that were awarded PRACE core hours, please click here.
  • GÉANT ultra-fast and reliable pan-European communications infrastructure
  • VI-SEEM – a three-year project that aims at creating a unique Virtual Research Environment (VRE) in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean (SEEM). For more information, please  visit the Vi-SEEM website or the IUCC Vi-SEEM Wiki page.

For more information on access to these services, please

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