National Cyber Testbed

In order to enhance the Internet security position of Israel’s universities, IUCC established a National Cyber Test Bed – an experimental infrastructure where next-generation cyber security technologies can be tested and evaluated on live (out-of-band) ILAN network traffic. Via this infrastructure, Internet security officers from all of Israel’s eight universities are able to detect intrusions -that were previously undetectable and mitigate them and vendors gain access to high volume traffic to test their equipment. The National Cyber Testbed allows approved vendors to install alpha or beta products as well as demonstrate how their products protect Israel’s National Research and Education Network (NREN).

The National Cyber Testbed infrastructure places uncompromising priority on data privacy, as is the common practice among numerous ISPs. Strict NDAs and agreements safeguard the privacy of all IUCC data and all access to the systems are limited and fully controlled and secured by IUCC.

IUCC hosts regular symposia and workshops where researchers can share results and discuss improvements.

Israeli Cyber Experimentation (ICE) Center

ICEbrochureThe Israeli Cyber Experimentation (ICE) Center, a partnership between the Israeli National Cyber Bureau (INCB) and the IUCC National Cyber Testbed, is open to the entire cyber security research community, including government agencies, industry, academia and educational users. Users are subject to acceptance criteria to test and evaluate cyber security technologies.




Both the National Cyber Testbed and the ICE Center provide the necessary infrastructure networks, tools, security, privacy and supporting processes to enable thorough testing of emerging and advanced security technologies and facilitate experimentation and validation against established baselines of attack behavior. These testbeds allow startups as well as veteran companies to install their equipment and receive invaluable feedback from IUCC and university IT centers regarding the deployment of defense technologies and system configurations, as well as counteracting attack behaviors.

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