IUCC Upgrades to the “Dark” Side

September 10th, 2012

In August 2012, IUCC completed an ambitious upgrade of the national ILAN network from one based on 1Gb/sec links to one based on 10Gb/sec links. In Israel’s first tender to lease “dark fiber” or “unlit fiber,” Israeli researchers in industry and academia can now have access to the fastest connectivity available that is in line with current European standards.

Dark fiber is unlit, unused optical fiber available for use in fiber-optic infrastructure installations owned or controlled by traditional carriers, such as telecom operators, or non-traditional operators, such as utility companies and railway operators. The IUCC ILAN network upgrade was the first to commercially leverage available dark fiber capacity in Israel. The tender, won by Israeli cellular carrier Cellcom, encompasses some 750 kilometers of dark fiber.

This level of speed and bandwidth empowers world class research and cooperation. The IUCC ILAN network enables Israeli researchers to collaborate on some of science’s most exciting projects, such as work on projects associated with the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, and many more projects that require distributed grid computing and HPC (High Performance Computing).



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