The Inter-University Center for Digital Information Services-MALMAD

MALMAD, the Inter-University Center for Digital Information Services, was established in 1998 by the Committee of University Heads (“VERA”) as a support unit of IUCC (Inter University Computation Center). Its role is to serve as a consortium for the acquisition, licensing and operation of information services to universities and colleges in Israel.
The basic premise behind MALMAD is that modern digital information services can be provided more efficiently and at a lower cost per-user by inter-university cooperation and pooling of resources.

Basic operating principles:

  • A large proportion of the digital resources used by the universities are needed by most or all of the institutions.
  • The regulation of access and use of digital information by means of a shared framework is financially as well as operationally beneficial.
  • A common framework promotes inter-institutional cooperation.
  • A common framework makes it easier for fundraising that would benefit all members of the network.
  • A shared framework would constitute savings for the institutions in the following spheres:
    • Purchasing and acquisitions at a much lower price than purchasing by each institution
    • Purchasing of a broader basket of services/more extensive basket of services.
    • Save on inter-library loans (primarily a savings in personnel).
    • Savings in technical and administrative handling.
    • Reducing new paper subscriptions.
    • Acquisition of an improved access framework

IUCC is leading a national process to establish a system for monitoring academic publications that will assist in the advancement and improvement of scientific research in Israel: The Current Research Information System (CRIS) The system will help manage the internal academic outputs of each institution and will be the source of information for transparency and national monitoring of publications. IUCC and MALMAD are managing the tender for the selection and establishment of the system, and the management of the project in terms of professional and technical coordination between the institutions.

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