MALMAD Activities

MALMAD provides services to its member institutions, the eight universities of Israel. In addition, some thirty colleges and research institutes with “Associate Member” status subscribe selectively to various services. Services are provided directly to work stations at each institution based on institutional IP address recognition.

MALMAD mainly operates in acquisition, licensing and administration of digital information services:

  • Subscriptions for online periodicals and publications/books
  • Subscriptions to bibliographical databases
  • Conducting negotiations with publishers and information vendors.
  • Setting common agreements for information services.
  • Dealing with taxation issues
  • Technical support
  • Providing usage statistics
  • Other activities:
    • Operation of a central informational website.
    • Organization of study days, in-service training and workshops for member institutions
    • Representing the academic libraries before other sectors and organizations dealing with similar services
    • Leading special projects

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