Meta-data And Object Repository (MAOR)

The Meta-data And Object Repository (MAOR) ( for Online E-Learning Resources was established jointly by IUCC, the Israeli Internet Association and Israel’s Ministry of Education in collaboration with MERLOT, the leading U.S. repository of learning object meta-data and is operated within the IUCC framework. This national repository of information (meta-data) for online learning objects enables users to efficiently identify and locate quality online teaching resources and aids in their optimal utilization. The repository catalogues learning resources according to built-in meta-data and pools links to these resources, making it easier to locate objects, share with colleagues and students and evaluate them professionally. The IsraCore Standard was developed specifically to define and standardize the information provided in order to categorize the attributes of the materials.

The repository is available to educational institutes, public bodies, teachers, educators and the general public.

The national repository enjoys reciprocal agreements and registration with MERLOT, the comprehensive learning objects repository in the USA.

The repository also offers peer review for learning objects in order to assure quality and aid users in integrating relevant materials in their teaching plans.

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