OneLab Facility Open for Experimentally-Driven Research

August 25th, 2014




A new facility for experimentally-driven research, OneLab  ( has recently been launched

Through the OneLab portal (, you will find resources from the following testbeds:

– IoTLab (, which consists in several platforms, each having large numbers of small wireless sensor devices

– NITOS (, an outdoor platform consisting of Wi-Fi a/b/g/n nodes

– PLE (, the PlanetLab Europe overlay

If you are a PLE member, your PlanetLab Europe (PLE) account now gives you access to other world-class testbeds, at no additional cost to you or your institution.

Other testbeds are currently being brought into OneLab, and they will be made available to you in the coming months. We trust that you will enjoy these important new capabilities, which significantly broaden the range of experiments that you will be able to perform. Please contact us, through email to, if we can help you in any way, or simply to let us know about your experience.

Start using OneLab today by simply signing up on the portal.

Click here to begin:

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