Trailblazing at 9.6 kb/s: IUCC Celebrates 20 years of Internet in Israel

July 30th, 2010

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Internet in Israel in 2010, IUCC hosted a gala event where presentations on the history and challenges IUCC faced in bringing this “new” technology to Israel. Like most new things, the idea was met with skepticism, embargos and technologies that were so in their infancy that nobody understood the scope of the potential.

Many of the people involved shared their recollections in this extensive piece that appeared in the Hebrew press, such as Avi Cohen, the first CEO of IUCC. He and others recall overcoming the bureaucratic, technical and political barriers  to turn Israel into quite the computer communications pioneer.



 To see the original article in Hebrew, click here.

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