New E-learning capabilities are now part of MATLAB & Simulink Campus Licenses

From Dec 1, 2020 the model of IUCC Campus Wide licenses (CWL) will be updated, at no extra cost to a more advanced model. Campus Wide Suite (CWS), will include new components that will support the teaching infrastructure in all the 10 universities and colleges under the IUCC licenses.

CWS is a more comprehensive model intended, among other things, to help the academic sector meet the challenges of Covid-19. The new model has enormous advantages, which have proven their worth in many institutions around the world, especially in the light of the transition to hybrid\online teaching and learning mode.

Campus-Wide Suite provides:

  • Unlimited use of MATLAB and Simulink products to all students, faculty, staff and researchers, on both university and personally owned devices
  • Access on campus, in the lab and field, and at home, including off network
  • A wide range of resources to support teaching, learning, and collaborative research
  • Broadest and most up-to-date range of products, that support everything from introductory-level courses to advanced academic research
  • Open access to scaling for MATLAB programs and Simulink simulations to clusters, clouds, and HPC centers (with MATLAB Parallel server)
  • One license, which eases license management and ensures software license compliance through central administration

The main new components of CWS are:

MAOTS (MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite)

With campus-wide access to 18 online courses, students learn the essential development and research skills based on MathWorks technology.

These Interactive online courses and tutorials help students learn MATLAB skills quickly.

Self-paced online training courses provide faculty, researchers, and students with hands-on practice sessions and help universities introduce industry-standard tools into the curriculum.


This Platform allows instructors to create interactive course assignments, and automatically grade student work. MATLAB Grader makes it easier to include graded MATLAB assignments and brings lecturers and students closer with ways to:

– Create assignments that require students to submit MATLAB code

– Set custom scoring rubrics and view detailed reports and analytics

– Automatically grade student work and provide instant feedback

– Run web-based assignments in any learning environment – this component also includes LMS integration (e.g. with Moodle).

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Jenny Ekoz, Customer Success Engineer in the academic sector at Systematics or IUCC.

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