International Activities

IUCC is a partner in numerous international collaboration projects. These efforts make the best and most advanced computing infrastructure and resources available to Israel’s academic communities and ensure that the national networks remain at the cutting edge of today’s technologies.

GÉANT develops, delivers and promotes advanced networks and associated e-infrastructure services and operates the ultra-fast and reliable pan-European communications infrastructure. As a member of GÉANT, IUCC is active in working groups and research that supports open innovation, collaboration and knowledge-sharing and keeping Israel on the cutting-edge of network technologies. For more information, please contact

IUCC represents Israel in the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), for shared use of the European supercomputing centers via PRACE programs and EuroHPC calls.

Researchers are welcome to review open calls and apply to use EuroHPC supercomputing resources here (

Researchers are welcome to review open calls and apply for PRACE Collaborative Calls program here (

For assistance in submitting a proposal, please contact us. For more information, you may also contact a member of the IUCC HPC User Forum, researchers who were awarded PRACE core hours, or who are collaborators in projects that were awarded PRACE core hours.

IUCC, like National Research & Education Networks from all over the world, fosters global cooperation and innovatoive research. Success stories from Israel are regularly featured on this blog, along with fascinating stories from around the world. Happy reading!

MALMAD leads the ORCID consortium in Israel, to provide administrative and technical support to universities to integrate researchers’ ORCID ID in relevant information systems, including interfaces between the systems. More information on this activity can be found here.