Information Systems & Applications

Partnering with universities to advance computerization, deploy information systems and work with software and systems vendors

IUCC partners with universities to advance computerization, deployment of information systems and work with software and service providers.

This joint activity increases competition and enhances the purchasing power of academic institutions. The result: more favorable terms from vendors and streamlined processes.

Services include planning, needs analysis, advisory services, management improvement, supervision and control, joint procurement, inter-institutional licensing agreements, and the adoption of procurement methods such as online tenders. IUCC maintains a Knowledge Center on information systems in academia, regulatory compliance and standards.

  • Installation and integration of support systems in universities, including an ERP system for IUCC
  • Consulting and support to deploy interfaces
  • Inter-university procurement and service agreements
  • Examination and recommendation for designated information systems




The joint work is based on the needs of the universities, and is intended to meet the demands of the institutions from systems and services:

Identifying significant projects, lateral activities with the potential for savings, cooperation and synergy of academic computer centers

Situation analysis across all institutions, together focus groups of stakeholders

Determining IUCC’s level of involvement in the Computer Manager Forum