Cyber & Data Security Services

Protecting Israel's academic communications network

The IUCC Cyber team safeguards Israel’s National Research & Education Network with the cooperation of leading data security companies and open source tools.

The team collaborates and maintains regular contact with cyber intelligence agencies, such as the Israel National Cyber Directorate, and with civilian bodies, to collect and collate alerts and events related to data security and cyber defense at academic institutions.

The team unifies network security activities common to all institutions, and assists in procurement agreements for security equipment for the academic community which leads to significant costs savings for universities. An inter-university steering committee of information security managers is active with IUCC’s team and Computing Centers staff to proactively prevent threats.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The IUCC Computer Emergency Response Team is mnade up of IUCC cyber specialists and university staff and handles networking and computer security incidents on Israel’s academic network.

Incidents can be reported via email to which will automatically be distributed to 50 cyber specialists.

To report confidential issues, please encrypt your message using’s PGP key which can be found here or privately to IUCC CERT NOC members usin these details:


PGP Fingerprint: 6A15 42FE 0E0B D0F2 4BE9 1AB6 64E4 889C

PGPKeyid: 0×851A4911

Hank Nussbacher

PGP Fingerprint: 20FA 0880 8A17 64E0 8B08 B0E7 55F7 BA2A A029 619A

PGPKeyid: 0xA029619A