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About IUCC

IUCC (Hebrew: מחב”א‎, MACHBA), is a non-profit organization established by Israel’s research universities.
IUCC delivers communication and network infrastructure services, digital information services, learning technologies, information systems and applications.
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Learning Technologies

The Inter-University Center for E-Learning (IUCEL), or MEITAL in Hebrew, assists Israel’s universities and academic colleges to promote and assimilate innovative learning technologies in higher education.
The MEITAL community, representatives of Israel's universities and 20 member colleges ,coordinates and manages working groups and professional roundtables on a wide range of pedagogical and technological subjects, evaluates new learning technologies and offers centralized infrastructure services for members.
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Digital Information Services

MALMAD, the Inter-University Center for Digital Information Services, acts as a consortium for the acquisition, licensing, and management of digital information services to Israel's universities and colleges.
This inter-university cooperation and pooling of resources ensures that modern digital information services are provided more efficiently and at a lower cost-per-user.
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Information Systems & Applications

IUCC partners with universities to advance computerization, deployment of information systems and work with software and service providers.
This joint activity increases competition and enhances the purchasing power of academic institutions. The result: more favorable terms from vendors and streamlined processes.
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Communications & Infrastructure

Infrastructure technologies are key to inter-university research cooperation and collaboration.
These networking, cyber and cloud services are essential to keeping Israeli academia at the forefront of research and technology in all disciplines.
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Technologies for Research

Center to promote latest computing technologies for research in Israel
IUCC leads initiatives to introduce best practices, expertise and consortium pricing on computing technologies for academic research
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