Digital Information Services

MALMAD-the Inter-University Center for Digital Information Services

MALMAD, the Inter-University Center for Digital Information Services, acts as a consortium for the acquisition, licensing, and management of digital information services to Israel’s universities and colleges. This inter-university cooperation and pooling of resources ensures that modern digital information services are provided more efficiently and at a lower cost-per-user.

MALMAD provides services to its member institutions, the eight universities of Israel, in addition to colleges and research institutes.  The main information services include subscriptions to online periodicals and publications and bibliographical and textual databases.

  • Common contracts for information services
  • Conducting negotiations with publishers and information vendors.
  • Dealing with taxation issues
  • Regular vendor relationship management for updates and new services
  • Technical support
  • Providing usage statistics

MALMAD maintains regular professional contact with other institutions in Israel and abroad, and organizes workshops and seminars on relevant topics such as open access, library marketing and new digital information technologies. In addition, MALMAD leads digital information special projects.

For more information, please contact MALMAD Director Dr. Sigal Lahav-Scher


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