Survey of Cloud Computing in Israeli Academia-January 2018

In January 2018, IUCC carried out its first cloud computing survey.

The goal of the survey was to learn about how and to what extend cloud computing was used in academic institutions in Israel.

These are some highlights from the survey:

Cloud service providers:

46% of institutions use Amazon Web Services (AWS)

31% of institutions use Microsoft Azure

15% of institutions use Google Cloud Platform

Environment deployment and management:

42% of environments are deployed by faculty IT departments

28% of environments are deployed by University IT departments

28% of environments are deployed directly by researchers

Use of automation tools:

42% of  institutions use web management consoles

17% of institutions use PowerShell or Bash scripts

17% of institutions use cloud vendor CLI tools

Use of databases in the cloud:

71% of institutions do not use any relational databases in the cloud

14% of institutions use MySQL database engine

14% of institutions use PostgreSQL database engine

Use of Container technology:

50% of  institutions plan to use containers in the next 12-24 months

33% of institutions currently use virtual machines instead of containers

Use of cloud storage:

38% of institutions currently use Dropbox

31% of institutions currently use Google Drive

23% of institutions currently use Microsoft OneDrive

Use of messaging and collaboration services:

40% of institutions use Office 365

40% of institutions use Google G Suite


  • Currently, most of the IaaS environments in the cloud are deployed manually and IT personnel lack knowledge in cloud automation tools.
  • Almost none of the universities use advanced technologies, such as containers and Serverless.
  • Almost none of the Universities use managed-services (such as database, authentication, DNS, etc.)
  • None of the universities use cloud environments for production use, and as a result, currently there is  no demand for high availability, fail-over and monitoring (either infrastructure or security).

Full Survey Results


Eyal Estrin
Eyal Estrin is a Cloud Architect. He joined IUCC in December 2017 and his main focus is promoting and supporting cloud services in Universities in Israel. He brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the IT and information security field.
Follow him at @eyalestrin