R&D Support for Innovative Network Technologies

Do you or your faculty members have an innovative network research idea?

The GÉANT Innovation Programme is a unique opportunity to enable initial development, establish a proof of concept or testing of new network infrastructure ideas.

The GÉANT Association has reserved EUR300k to support an Innovation Programme for specific research projects to be carried out by the GÉANT Community, i.e. GÉANT Member NRENs, universities, research institutions/institutes or other legal entities to which a GÉANT Association Member NREN provides services.

The research project funding is up to EUR 30k for a duration of no longer than 9 months.

IUCC, as a member NREN in the GÉANT Association, a ‘connected institutions’, including universities, research or education institutes or institutions connected to an NREN are eligible for funding under this programme.

Any research area that falls within GÉANT’s Community remit will be considered. This includes topics such as networking, cloud, security, trust & Identity and education.

More information can be found at: https://www.geant.org/Innovation/Pages/Innovation-Programme.aspx

If you have an idea you would like to pursue, question or wish to submit an application, please contact IUCC today.