IUCC and IPv6 Deployment in Israel

IUCC was invited to participate in a conference publicizing a position paper on recommendations for national policy on implementing IPv6 in Israel hosted by the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL). Among the 50 conference attendees were the Managing Director of the Ministry of Communications, the National Cyber Bureau, the Innovation Authority, technical executives from all leading ISPs in Israel and representatives from ICANN in Europe and RIPE NCC (RIPE Network Coordination Centre). Discussions focused on ways to promote IPv6 in Israel in light of the significant lag relative to the other countries. IUCC, which was the first to deploy IPv6 in Israel in 2003, is one of the few suppliers with a 4-star rating. Regulatory options to promote deployment were discussed, and obstacles to this due to content that works only with IPv4. IUCC suggested a policy to reward content publishers to promote IPv6 compliance as an alternative.

The position paper suggested for the formation of a working group to enact measures to advance more widespread deployment of IPv6.