IUCC Presents at Seminar for State’s Attorney and the Israeli Internet Association

On December 12, 2019, IUCC Director of Network & Computing Infrastructures Hank Nussbacher, presented at a seminar organized by the Israel Internet Association on behalf of the State Attorney’s Office (Cyber ​​Department). In addition to lectures by Association members on the DNS ecosystem and private information gathered via the DNS system, domain names, cyber threats and types of attacks and defense, Hank delivered three lectures on the following topics:

  • Brief history of the Internet in Israel
  • IP addresses
  • Filtering sites in Israel and worldwide

At the conclusion of the seminar, prosecutors had a better understanding that while the Israeli Internet Association and the Cyber ​​Department in the State Attorney’s Office are adversarial in regards to certain matters, prosecutors can benefit from the Israel Internet Association and its members’ knowledge to understand the complex world of the Internet in court proceedings where the values ​​of network freedom may conflict with security and law enforcement needs.