MEITAL Workshop on Learning Technology Site Accessibility

On November 28, 2017 MEITAL-IUCEL held a workshop on learning technology site accessibility. The workshop covered the accessibility and adaptation requirements of new regulations for higher education institutions in Israel. Case studies and reviews of technological tools were presented by experts in the field. Topics included:

  • Discussions and clarifications on website accessibility from the Israel Accessibility Association
  • Accessibility tools and solutions such as User1st, a tool for site accessibility; uPDF, a document accessibility tool; Vocasee, an automatic transcription system; and technical support services for digital accessibility offered by Migdal Or.
  • Experience from community institutions, including the Open University and their extensive activity in the field; how to implement Moodle’s Modal Window and MITL, principles and standards for creating accessible content in Moodle; using the MTO system’s built-in editor components and reviewing plugins that help increase accessibility.