MEITAL 2017 Conference

The 15th Annual MEITAL National Conference “Teaching and Learning Technologies Accelerating Higher Education: Trends and Developments ” was held this year at Haifa University on Monday, June 26, 2017. The conference program included some 50 parallel sessions. Alongside research and practical sessions dealing with innovation in learning technologies, practical and technological materials were also integrated in order to provide useful tools and a quality, focused solutions for ICT centers and for instructors.

Some of the topics included: simulations and augmented reality, teachers and instructors in an era of change, the ICT centers of the future, technological tools for end users,  practical demonstrations working with H5P, innovative pedagogy and more.

The plenary session focused on the challenges of education in the digital age and included a fascinating lecture by Molly Eden, former president of Intel and Vice President of Intel Worldwide, and chairman of the Board of Directors of Haifa University, and a panel of experts discussing the issue of online pedagogy.

To view the conference’s contents and program, please visit the conference website at: