MEITAL 2019 Conference

The 17th Annual MEITAL Conference on Teaching and Learning Technologies Accelerating Higher Education: Trends and Developments was held at the Rabin Center in Tel Aviv on July 9, 2019. Over 300 participants attended, from 40 institutions, the education system, industry and the IDF.

Prof. Haim Taitelbaum, Chairman of IUCC, and Prof. Aharon Palmon, MEITAL Chairman, spoke on the need to strengthen the three primary players relevant in integrating technological tools in academia: the regulator, academic faculty and students.

The keynote address, delivered by Prof. Punya Mishra on “Beyond TPACK: Designing Technology and Education – From Artifacts to Culture” offered an innovative perspective on design of learning in the context of culture.

The program included 50 plenary sessions held in 10 parallel tracks divided by research and applied subjects. The range of subjects was diverse and included fascinating lectures and case studies from the field on topics such as: MOOCs, digital classrooms, learning analysis, online courses, and a panel on promoting the quality of teaching. The conference concluded with a panel on the relationship between education, technology and design.

Before, during and after the plenary sessions and panels, the crowd gathered in the demo area where corporate sponsors displayed the latest learning technologies for integration in academia and for the public.

The day after the Conference, attendees were invited to participate in a workshop for teaching faculty delivered by Prof. Faunia Mishara, this workshop was attended by 70 lecturers and faculty members from various institutions.

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