Cloud Computing in Academia Opens The New Age of Cloud Conference

Prof. Eyal Yaniv, IUCC Chairman, opened “The New Age of Cloud” conference on March 14, 2021. The conference, sponsored by People & Computers, covered trends in cloud computing across industry and research, including Kubernetes, Devops, Automation & Infrastructures, Hybrid Cloud, Linux and Security & Cyber.

Prof. Yaniv spoke about IUCC’s cloud services, allowing researchers access to public cloud services, and the benefits that come with it. These include: superior customer service, knowledge center, utilization of existing procurement processes in higher education institutions and and budgetary control.

Eyal Estrin, IUCC Cloud Architect, addressed the conference and spoke about the the primary advantage that the cloud offers researchers: the ability to rapidly get research environments up and running: from defining needs and choosing compute resources to production and analysis.

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