Cloud Adoption Survey in Academia

Between March and May 2020 a survey on cloud adoption in Academia and Education was conducted, within the framework of an overall cloud adoption survey covering all Israeli industries.

The goals of the survey were to:

– Measure the usage level of public cloud services in Academia and Education

– Review usage data

– Investigate the reasons academic and educational institutions are migrating to the public cloud

– Understand the challenges academic and educational institutions face when migrating to the public cloud

The survey addressed adoption of IaaS / PaaS cloud services only.

12 academic and educational institutions responded to the survey, 8 of them were from universities.

The participants from the universities came from diverse roles, such as IT personnel, CIOs, etc.


Main Survey Results

Main Insights from the Survey

  • The most popular public cloud vendor is Azure, followed by Amazon Web Services
  • The local Israel region is a low priority for academia
  • The main reason Academia migrates to the local region is network latency.
  • Most Academic institutions are still taking their first steps in the cloud
  • There is a direct correlation between academic institutions taking their first steps in the cloud and using a single IaaS / PaaS provider
  • The main reason for using multi-cloud is best-of-breed issues (each cloud provider has its own advantages)
  • Most academic institutions are considering private cloud implementation
  • The main reasons for using the public cloud (agility, availability and scalability), may imply that institutions are considering replacing their existing IT infrastructure
  • The main challenge in academia for migrating to the public cloud is cost

The full cloud adoption survey report for Academia and Education (in English) is available for download at Cloud_Adoption_Survey_2020-English