Weigh in on Israel’s New Hebrew Country Code Domain “.ישראל”

Let’s Make History Together!

The Israel Internet Association is asking for the public to offer suggestions on managing the new domain space with the Hebrew-language extension .ישראל. The Association will use this input to help formulate a policy that will best serve Israel’s Internet users.

As a result of the Association’s efforts, Israel will soon join other countries, whose national language is not written in Latin letters, in allowing Internet domain names in the country’s native language.

The creation of a new state extension, .ישראל will be in addition to the existing .IL extension. This raises many questions and this is a chance to weigh in on the optimal methods to manage the new domain space, and the rules that will govern assignment and creation of domain names, particularly how to integrate Hebrew and Latin letters.

A dedicated website (in Hebrew) is online to collate the public feedback. The convenient interface allows optimal information sharing and transparency. Information in English can be found here.