HPC Services for Bioinformatics Researchers

On 19.11.2019, Eyal Estrin, IUCC Cloud Architect, joined Dr. Liron Levin of the bioinformatics Core Facility at Ben-Gurion University, to deliver a lecture on deploying HPC environments for research based on AWS ParallelCluster infrastructure.

The presentation took place at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, and representatives from all bioinformatics units from all the institutions in Israel took part, as part of regular bioinformatics meet-ups.

The lecture covered the following topics:

  • IUCC services for the institutions regarding public cloud services
  • The benefits of using public cloud services for researchers
  • The ease of deploying HPC cluster based on AWS infrastructure
  • Explanations about the use of NeatSeq-Flow tool, which was developed by Ben-Gurion University’s bioinformatics Core Facility, for the benefit of conducting bioinformatics research

The presentation can be downloaded here

Instructions for deploying AWS ParallelCluster

The script for deploying bioinformatics research environment can be found on the here

For more information about AWS ParallelCluster see link