ILAN Network Terms of Use

  1. Use of the network is designated for academic and research purposes only (all other usage is forbidden).
  2. Installation and use of software on the network is permitted only for public domain software or in accordance with an appropriate inter-university site license or in accordance with permission granted to other institutions to use the software as per the license terms.
  3. Transmission of mail or other forms of communications are permitted only to predetermined destinations (not random).
  4. Messages sent over the network must include the sender’s name
  5. All user files stored on the network are assumed to be private and confidential, unless otherwise declared as such by the file’s owner.
  6. All registries, data and information on network usage, computers, or any other resources are to be considered and treated as confidential.
  7. Any use of the network that disrupts the operation of the network is illegal and an infringement of network regulations and terms of use. This includes chain letters and SPAM.

Terms of Usage may be updated periodically by the Inter-University Computation Center management.