Leadership & Staff


Prof. Haim Taitelbaum

Odelia Levanon

Dr. Sigal Lahav-Scher
MALMAD Director

Eli Shmueli
MEITAL Director

Hank Nussbacher
Network & Computing Infrastructure Director

Efrat Feinschneider
Director of Finance & Administration

Einat Sushan-Ben-Ziv
Executive Administrative Assistant



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Yossi Baruch
Information Technology and Cyber Specialist yossi.baruch@iucc.ac.il 03-646-0569

Orit Baruth
MEITAL Training Specialist, Head of the Academia, Training & Working Groups
oritb@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0552

Naomi Barzely
Electronic Resources Acquisition naomi@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0571

Eli Beker
CISO, Infrastructure and Cyber Expert eli.beker@iucc.ac.il 03-646-0569

Dror Berger
Technological Leader, CRIS project dror@iucc.ac.il 03-646-0567

Ruti Elkiss
Information Systems Manager, rutie@iucc.ac.il

Eyal Estrin
Cloud Architect eyal.estrin@iucc.ac.il 03-646-0572

Efrat Feinschneider
Director of Finance & Administration efratf@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0558

Audrey Gerber
Communications & Marketing agerber@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0563

Miroslav Goldgamer
Helpdesk/Sysadmin miroslav@iucc.ac.il

Dr. Sigal Lahav-Scher
MALMAD Director sigal@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0551

Odelia Levanon
CEO odelia@iucc.ac.il 03-646-0560

Anat Levy
Administrative Assistant MALMAD anatl@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0259

Shani Lubaton
Accounting shanil@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0559

Hank Nussbacher
Network & Computing Infrastructure Director hank@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0553

Oren Shani
Infrastructure Specialist & Technical Support oshani@iucc.ac.il 03-646-0569

Eli Shmueli
MEITAL Director eli@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0550

Einat Sushan-Ben-Ziv
Executive Administrative Assistant einatbz@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-646-0555/6

Prof. Haim Taitelbaum
Chairman haimt@mail.iucc.ac.il 03-531-8465

Zivan Yoash
Project Manager zivan@iucc.ac.il 03-646-0568

Executive Committee

Prof. Haim Taitelbaum, Chairman, Bar-Ilan University

Gadi Frank,  Representative of the Association of University Heads, Tel-Aviv University 

Prof. Alon Peled , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Muli Tzafrir, University of Haifa

Prof. Adam Schwartz, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Assael Movshovitz, Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Yigal Burstein, Weizmann Institute of Science

Neri Azogi, Tel Aviv University

Moti Margalit, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Ziva Braude, The Open University

Asher Aharoni, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Odelia Levanon, IUCC CEO


Past Chairmen

Prof. Haim Harari 1983-1985
Prof. Kenneth Price 1985 -1990
Prof. Menachem Magidor 1990-1992
Prof. Danny Dolev 1992-1998
Prof. Raphi Rom 1998-2003
Prof. Yigal Burstein 2004-2009
Prof. Shlomi Dolev 2010-2015


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